Jamesburg Hardware & Appliance `Clayton Interiors would like to share a bit of the Store’s history with you.
If you are walking or driving by you may think that you have stepped back into the 19th century, as the residents of Jamesburg already know.
But for those of you who are new to our area and town let me begin by saying
We are not a highway store nor do we want to look like one!
will never be treated or made to feel like you are just another customer.
Our customers are greeted at the door or within minutes of entering!

We anticipate, operate & strive for your needs, the community needs so that their is a continuing desire for a small business in a small town!

We have been one of the lynchpins of this small business community. (quoted by Bill Claytonin June of 2007/ Your Community Market Place) Jamesburg Hardware dates back to the late 1800’s, but it has been owned and operated by the Clayton family since the 1920’s.As the third generation owners, the Clayton brothers have been running the business for 20 years.We will make every effort to continue serving the community, grow with changes to help keep Jamesburg Hardware & Appliance a local landmark, keep jobs and revenue in the community!

The first family member to own the store was Jeff & Gary’s great-uncle, Joseph Shaw, and he ran it from 1922 to 1965.This is where their father workedwhile attending Rutgers University in 1956.Bill then purchased the store from Joseph Shaw.There after, the sonsbecame the Store’s resident youngsters learning the way of the hardware & appliance business.Joan Clayton the mother, while co-running the accounting portion of the store she then started mentoring the brothers in the administrative responsibilities of the business along with caring for customers and employees herself.Joan Clayton was soon to become one of the communities most well respected business women.

Co-owned and operated by Jeff & Gary Clayton has recently refurbished the exterior to mimic what the building looked like more than a century ago.Both brothers reside in the area and have attended grade school and graduated from Monroe High School.Remaining in the community to make their homes, raise their families and continue to serve the community, both brothers are active at the store for your small or large projects, residents or businesses.

Jeff & Gary have a great fund of knowledge concerning hardware for the small or large repair. Stop in for a short visit and you will have the opportunity to have the most efficient recommendation on how to get thatproject done.

You may also call on Clayton Interiors, the sister affiliate company for your HUNTER DOUGLAS Window Treatments.It can be for a redecoration or to have our expertise in conserving energy.Knowing that energy, cooling or heat is lost through your windows Clayton Interiors can make the most charming recommendations and offer solutions.

Jamesburg Hardware & Appliances is the oldest “GEGeneral Electric appliance dealer in the state of New Jersey.Stop in to see our Monogram and Profile selection.If you don’t see it on our showroom floor we can place your order to make sure you needs are met in a timely, efficient and friendly manner.

We will continue to serve many local builders, residents and businesses by keeping costs down as much as we can and to employ some of our local students in need of a job.
We are proactive and customer-service-minded since 1922
Thank you
Jeff & Gary Clayton
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